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The new collection from designer Lisa Marie Fernandez is one I love, and puts the swimming into costume. These dots will look especially darling in Instas. Virgo Form and function are of equal importance to you, Virgo, and the less fuss and frill, the better! Stripes are always in style. Choose a suit that makes a style statement and hugs your curves. Who said one pieces were basic?

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You want your beach look to be as elegant and mysterious as you, Scorpio. Off the shoulder gets seriously sexy. Play with patterns and structure! Structural styles can form the foundations of a super sexy beach look, like any from the designer Lonely, who I love. Black and white is anything but simple and everything about style. Enriched with oriental and warm notes, the bottom is here more sensual for a very caliente. Tenderness perfume, romanticism icon, Paris Yves Saint Laurent has no equal in expressing maternal softness of the Cancer woman. A bouquet of roses exacerbated whose fragrances mingle with the purple to be powdered to perfection.

Some spicy touches barely covered the sweetness of this fragrance that blends into a creamy sandalwood. Finally, the very refined Guerlain Cruel Gardenia exclusive collection, Art and Matter , will highlight the subtly seductive charm of the Cancerian woman. Voluptuousness white flowers orange blossom, jasmine , blends with the freshness of honeysuckle and powdery aldehydes, all delicately placed on a veil of soft and creamy musks wish.

Beneath its deceptively innocent airs lies a tender and asserted femininity, decidedly troubling. Sensitive and cautious, the Cancer man needs landmarks to flourish. Deeply attached to his roots, traditions and family, he fled the changes and above all seeking stability. A nostalgic nature that teams up yet willingly a jovial temperament and talkative society.

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In love, man Cancer is looking for a reassuring and balanced relationship to evolve in peace. Around the marine frame that made the success of the original, fabric is a deeper universe, more intense. A wooded dimension and smoke incense, vetiver, patchouli , raised spicy notes of black pepper and aromatic fragrance thyme, rosemary, clary sage. Anything soothing is right up their alley, which also explains their love for comfort that comes from good food, fine wine and a nice home.

Taurus is all about the good life, and are persistent when going after something they want. They also bring plenty of practicality and reliability into a relationship, and many Zodiac Signs adore this Taurus attribute, which makes them highly compatible with Capricorn, Cancer, Virgo and Pisces. The partner of a Taurus has to either be free-flowing and ready to go with whatever the Taurus decides, or humble and stable in nature.

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Taurus men and Taurus women love harmony, and anyone who disrupts that could make their bull horns come out. Gemini is an Air Sign, and anyone with this Zodiac Sign will be quick to tell you all about it because they love to talk. They are also very intellectually inclined, and are best paired with Zodiac Signs that can provide a hefty dose of intellectual stimulation.

They love their freedom and can sometimes feel smothered, but they also love to be close to those they cherish. Gemini men and Gemini women can be moody at times as a result of their twin traits, but the good thing is that they can quickly see all perspectives to an issue.

As for excitement, a Gemini is always far from being boring, and as such, they pair amazingly well with Aries, Aquarius, Libra and Leo. Cancer is a Water Zodiac Sign, and incredibly domesticated. They enjoy the comforts of home and being close to those they love. However, Cancer also has a hard exterior and when it comes to confrontations, they often like to hide in their shell and sulk, as opposed to facing the issues.

The good news is that there are many others that are amazing matches, with the most compatible ones being Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces. Cancer is also a fairly introverted Zodiac Sign, and would much rather spend quality time inside their shell than out in a large crowd with strangers. They will go to great lengths to protect their home and loved ones, which is a rather notable goal. Leo is a Fire Sign, and on fire they certainly are. Leos are cocky and confident, and need their ego to be stroked.

Leos like expensive things, fun with friends, taking holidays and of course, being admired. As such, they hate being ignored, facing reality that is complicated and not being treating like the king or queen that they think they are. So, there are many Zodiac Signs within Horoscope Compatibility that will buttheads with this fierce creature.

Virgo is an Earth Zodiac Sign, and as such, they are incredibly loyal, kind and practical.

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They also tend to worry a lot and often forget to have some fun after long hours of work. When it comes to relationships, it can take Virgo men and Virgo women a long time to commit, but they do prefer a few stable relationships as opposed to short, frequent flings. Virgo dislikes rudeness and asking for help and their best matches according to Horoscope Compatibility are Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn.

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They go with the breeze of the air and very rarely will get into confrontations. They can sometimes indulge in too much self-pity and can be indecisive, so the Horoscope Compatibility pairs them with someone who is fairly opposite to them, as they will take control, or a Zodiac Sign that is similar to them, as they will understand. Libras also like and long for harmony, gentleness and the outdoors and are always willing to share with others, which may be a result of them hating to be alone.

As such, Libras can sometimes have a little hippie-soul inside of them, and they need a Zodiac Sign that can relate to their peaceful and fair mindset. Scorpio men and Scorpio women tend to be very true to the friendships they make, and are incredibly passionate. Unfortunately, the Zodiac weaknesses of Scorpio include being distrusting, secretive, jealous and sometimes violent. So, Horoscope Compatibility has paired them with Zodiac Signs that can handle both the good and the bad of a Scorpio.

Scorpios dislike revealing secrets as contradictory as that may sound , passive people and dishonesty. Unlike many other Zodiac Signs, Sagittarius actually likes change, and will do anything to achieve the new goals they have set out for themselves. Sagittarius love to travel, being outdoors and philosophy and truly dislike being constrained, details and completely unrealistic theories.

But their love of life and enthusiasm that truly has no bounds makes all kinds of people gravitate towards them.

Capricorn is an Earth Zodiac Sign and they have a strong sense of management, self-control, responsibility and are quite disciplined in nature. They have very professional and traditional values and are often considered to be the most serious Zodiac Sign. Capricorn men and Capricorn women are independent, and this allows them to achieve plenty of success within both their personal and professional life.

They are excellent at saving money, and strive to reach their pinnacle of success with nothing other than their talent and experience.

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Capricorn is an excellent leader and have mastered the talent of being right. In fact, they are total know-it-alls, and as a result, can come off as quite condescending. They tend to be rather unforgiving and expect the worst, despite having the talent, experience and Zodiac qualities to put them in the best of situations.

But the funny thing is that Capricorns tend to dislike almost everything at some point in their life. However, one consistency is that when it comes to family, there is nothing more important. As such, Horoscope Compatibility has paired them up with Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces as being their best matches. They love to have fun with their friends, while also fighting for causes and helping out those in need.

An Aquarius will never think twice about giving someone the shirt off of his or her back. They also long for intellectual conversation, are excellent listeners and can almost always be found deep in thought. Without that intellectual and mental stimulation, Aquarius can quickly turn bored and lack in motivation.

However, they tend to run from expressing themselves on an emotional level; can sometimes be uncompromising, aloof and even temperamental at times. Although Aquarius men and Aquarius women can be quite shy and quiet at times, they can be just as energetic and eccentric, especially when it pertains to something or someone that that they enjoy. They see the world as being full of opportunity, and are always eager to see what else is out there.